• Syracuse University College of Law
    • J.D. - 1994
    • Honors: Kappa Mu Epsilon
  • St. Francis College
    • B.S., cum laude - 1988
Practice Areas:
  • Patent Law

Kevin D. McCarthy


Born Silver Spring, Maryland, September 28, 1967; admitted to bar, 1995, New York; 1996, District of Columbia; Western District of New York, 1997; registered to practice patent law, 1992.

As a registered patent attorney since 1995 (a registered patent agent since 1992), Mr. McCarthy currently represents numerous corporations in all aspects of intellectual property which include and not limited to:

  • Writing and prosecuting patent applications,
  • Preparing non-infringement opinions, invalidity opinions, infringement opinions, & patentability opinions,
  • Preparing, submitting, and prosecuting ex parte reexamination requests,
  • Preparing and prosecuting inter-parte reexamination requests,
  • Preparing and prosecuting trademark applications,
  • Preparing trademark clearance opinions,
  • Litigating trademark oppositions and, if possible, preparing settlement agreements,
  • Conducting trademark cancellation actions and, if possible, preparing settlement agreements,
  • Litigating patent and trademark disputes in Federal Court,
  • Coordinating and conducting corporate intellectual property due diligence,
  • Establishing trade secret protocols, and
  • Licensing patents and trademarks.

A representative sample of patents and applications, that are publicly available on the U.S. Patent and Trademark Office’s website, prosecuted by Mr. McCarthy that identifies some clients and at least one patent or application that is in the electronic, biological, e-commerce, mechanical, electro-chemical, and chemical fields are set forth below:

  • Ben Gurion University
    Highly conductive ordered ion exchange membranes - 7,740,967,
  • Bromine Compounds Ltd.
    Synthesis of aromatic polyhalogenated halomethyl compounds -- 7,601,774,
  • Confer Plastics Ltd.
    Secure interlocking system for plastic materials -- 7,578,632,
  • Fortress GB Ltd.
    System and method to preclude message modification in data authentication systems through efficient use of feedback in cryptographic functions -- 8,107,622,
  • Deutsche Telekom AG
    Architecture for identifying electronic threat patterns -- 7,941,851,
  • Gaia Med Ltd.
    Minature disposable or partially reuseable dosing pump – 20110021993,
  • Gaymar Industries, Inc.
    (sold to Stryker Corporation) Multi-walled gelastic material -- 7,827,636,
  • Greatbatch Medical
    Bone Plate with Complex, Adjacent Holes Joined by a Relief-Space – 20090292318,
  • Hadasit Medical Research Services and Development Ltd.
    Compositions, methods and kits for the diagnosis of carriers of mutations in the BRCA1 and BRCA2 genes and early diagnosis of cancerous disorders associated with mutations in BRCA1 and BRCA2 genes -- 20100267569
  • Israeli Prime Minister’s Office of the Ministry of Defense, Biological Research
    Skin-protective compositions effective against vesicants and percutaneous chemical agents -- 7,618,616,
  • Medigus Ltd.
    Stapler for endoscopes -- 8,006,886,
  • Moneycat Ltd.
    Electronic currency, electronic wallet therefor and electronic payment systems employing them -- 8,051,011,
  • Nemisys Networks, LLC
    System, method, and apparatus for the electronic operation, management, sponsorship, advertising, promotion, marketing, and regulation of games of chance on a network -- 8,066,565,
  • Nuclear Research Center-Negev
    Method for promoting soil crust formation -- 8,105,646,
  • Paradise Packaging
    Lighter Package -- D628,484 (purchased by Zippo Manufacturing Co.)
  • Rafael-Armament Development Authority Ltd.
    Radar system and method - 7,777,672,
  • The National Institute for Biotechnology in the Negev Ltd.
    Photoreactive compound specifically binding to calcium binding proteins -- 8,034,314, and
  • Transbiodiesel Ltd.
    Robust multi-enzyme preparation for the synthesis of fatty acid alkyl esters -- 7,790,429.
  • Bar Association of Erie County, Member
  • New York State Bar Association, Member
  • Niagara Frontier Intellectual Property Association, President, 1999 - 2001
  • American Intellectual Property Law Association, Member